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Join us at The Maridor, where we're not just offering a job – we're inviting you to make a positive change to your personal journey while challenging you to grow professionally. We provide a workplace where the environment is positive, your team is treated like family, and every day is an opportunity to contribute to the growth of your work life and the success of our rapidly growing business. Soon to open as a restaurant, we are no longer your typical events venue; we are a home that values exceptional service, supports team spirit, and is guided by experienced and supportive leadership.

Ready to make a positive change in your work life? Join us and play a pivotal role in bringing our vision to life while supporting a small and local business. At The Maridor, we welcome you to a family-style work setting that encourages leaving personal challenges behind as you step into an environment that fosters positivity. Seize the chance to be part of something special, where each day transforms duties into opportunities to nurture your career and contribute to the expansion of our thriving business. If you're seeking a career that goes beyond the mundane, come join us at The Maridor and embark on a journey where passion seamlessly meets purpose.

We are currently hiring for various positions, including service, bartending, and event staff, at The Maridor. Part-time and full-time opportunities are available, and we are actively seeking individuals with diverse skill sets who can contribute to our dynamic team and help shape new roles as our business continues to grow. Download the application below and email us to schedule a face to face interview (preferred).  We are happy to provide you with you an application at your interview.  APPLY TODAY!

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